Magic Betting Partners - Affiliate Programme

Terms and Conditions ("Terms")


Welcome to the Magic Betting Affiliate Programme, an affiliate programme owned by Betting Service BV is a company with registered office at 2200 HERENTALS, Stapkens 4, with company number 0407826701 (hereinafter also: Magic Betting).


By participating as an Affiliate on the affiliate programme, each affiliate declares to have read, approved and accepted these terms and conditions - which apply unconditionally and in full - and to have entered into an agreement under these terms and conditions with Betting Service BV.


  1. Grant of marketing license


1.1 Magic Betting wishes to collaborate with the Affiliate for the purpose of digital marketing services which are subject to the terms outlined below.


1.2 The Affiliate shall promote the Magic Betting brands listed within the programme using creative materials and tracking links as provided within the programme software. The purpose of these promotions is to generate new registrations on the Magic Betting sites.


1.3 The placement of all creative and links must be carried out in a responsible and professional manner, with consideration of Belgium advertising rules for gambling including age appropriate placement and may not target specifically minors and/or vulnerable people and/or people banned from gambling.


1.4 The use of these banners, links and other content is granted under a personal, non-exclusive license and is strictly limited to the proper performance of the Affiliate’s obligations under the present agreement and strictly for the duration thereof and cannot be sublicensed, assigned or transferred.


1.5 The provided banners, links and other content cannot be altered without prior written approval from Magic Betting.



  1. Registration Process


2.1 Affiliates must apply to be approved as an Affiliate by completing the registration form on the programme website.


2.2 Magic Betting will review the application and either approve or reject it.


2.3 By participating in the Affiliate programme, each Affiliate declares that he/she is of applicable legal age to enter into this Agreement, holds all required IP on the websites that will advertise Magic Betting and shall comply with all applicable rules, laws and regulations in connection with the performance of this Agreement including local gaming laws and regulations.


2.4 Within the framework of the Affiliate programme, the Affiliate will act and assume any obligation arising from the Affiliate programme in all circumstances without any subordination to Magic Betting.


  1. Payments


3.1 Customers who join a Magic Betting brand website by using the Affiliate’s tracking link ID will be recorded within the programme software and a fee will become payable. Magic Betting reserve the right to refuse a player from contributing to the payment fee should it deem appropriate to do so.


3.2 Default fees are displayed at and will be applied to the Affiliate account, unless other specific fees have been agreed in writing.


3.3 The types of payment fees payable are;

3.3.1 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - a fixed fee will be paid to the Affiliate, as agreed in advance, when a player makes a first deposit to the minimum agreed amount.

3.3.2 Revenue Share - a percentage share of Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), as agreed in advance, will be paid monthly to the Affiliate.

3.3.3 Hybrid - a mixture of fixed fee and percentage share of Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), as agreed in advance, will be paid monthly to the Affiliate.


3.4 The calculation of Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) is bets minus winnings. The percentage share used for both Revenue Share and Hybrid is calculated as NGR, less the applicable gaming/betting taxes (currently 15% of the NGR), less administrative expenses of 15% of the NGR. Administrative expenses covers back office staff, help desk and technical overhead.


3.5 All performance statistics, access to tracking links, banner creatives and reporting software are made available to the Affiliate using third party software from Income Access.


3.6 Reports and invoices are self-generated by the Income Access system and are checked and issued within 7 days of each calendar month end. Payment will be sent to the Affiliate within 14 days of each month end.


  1. Taxes


All parties participating as an Affiliate on the affiliate programme shall each be responsible for their own respective taxes.


  1. Termination


5.1 These Terms come into effect upon acceptance of your registration to the programme and shall continue until your participation in the affiliate programme is terminated for any reason.


5.2 Either party may terminate these Terms and your participation in the programme at any time, effective upon written notice to the other.


5.3 Any notice of termination shall be given in writing by either party to the other, via e-mail is considered a written and immediate form of notification and the Terms and your participation in the programme shall accordingly terminate with immediate effect.


5.4 In the event of termination of these Terms for any reason:

5.4.1 all rights and the above marketing license granted to you in these Terms shall immediately terminate;

5.4.2 you must immediately stop all marketing activity and disable any links;

5.4.3 you must promptly return to us any Confidential Information and/or customer information, and all copies of same in your possession, custody and control.


  1. Miscellaneous


6.1 No party to these Terms shall be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder on account of any force majeure event, such as strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, explosions, acts of God, war, governmental action, labour conditions, earthquakes or any other cause which is beyond the reasonable control of such party.


6.2 All issues regarding this Agreement shall be governed in accordance with Belgian law.


Betting Service BV

Partner Terms v1.0

23rd February 2022